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Diving at Lady Musgrave Island. (Back Soon)

Lady Musgrave Island is a jewel of the southern Great Barrier Reef and offers some truly spectacular reef diving.

On the trip aboard the Spirit of 1770 to the reef, certified divers are catered for with an amazing outer wall dive. These dives are best done as drift dives which adds to the ease of the dive, divers just cruise along the reef wall with the current which helps to create a relaxed effortless dive. Along the way you are likely to see turtles, reef sharks, moray eels, huge cod and wrasse and there is always a good chance of seeing the majestic manta rays. The manta rays are a highlight to any dive as they gracefully glide past, in no hurry what so ever. As well as this there is a vast array of colourful reef fish to fascinate the divers and it is also common for passing schools of pelagic fish such as trevally, mackerel and tuna to cruise on by. The dive depth is 18 metres with dive leaders leading all the dives and the friendly dive crew is there to assist the divers to have a great days diving.

The second dive of the day is done in Lady Musgrave Islands pristine lagoon and starts with a fish feed which always attracts masses of hungry locals ready to snap up a free feed. From there an underwater tour is done around some of the beautiful coral bommies in the lagoon. The dive guides know all the secret hiding places for the resting turtles and can usually point out a number of them on any dive.

Those who are not qualified divers can still enjoy the experience of a scuba dive at Lady Musgrave Island. The Introductory dive takes participants on an instructor supervised underwater excursion of the coral bommies in the beautiful lagoon. A lesson is given on all the diving procedures by the instructor before entering the water, from there the instructor takes the participants down and leads them on their dive. A fish feed is also done for the introductory divers and they can get a close up view of all the local underwater residents.            

No Scuba Experience is Needed

Experienced PADI instructors will brief you on the important information you will need to know to carry out your dive safety, in the calm clear waters of Lady Musgrave Lagoon. Scuba Diving is the best way to experience the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef.

Dive Sites

Qualified divers have access to a number of sites on the outside edge of Lady Musgrave Lagoon. Due to the large size of Lady Musgrave Island and reef  this offers  protected dive sites in most conditions. 
The dive sites (Entrance Canyons, Coral Gardens, Smurf's House, The Wall to name a few) are chosen on the day to best suit the conditions and experience of the divers. Our dive boat will transfer you to one of these pristine sites at Lady Musgrave Reef. The waters of Lady Musgrave Reef abound with a varied number of sea creatures like turtles, manta rays and over 1200 species of brilliant reef fish.

The water temperature ranges from 19 deg C in winter to 27 deg C in summer. The average visibility is 20 metres. The equipment we supply is US Divers and the regulators have MARES computers. We offer a range of wetsuits available from 3mm shorties to 5mm long wetsuits


Snorkeling is one of the best ways to view the incredible underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef!

Lady Musgrave Island is the second southern most island on the Great Barrier Reef, so the fish and corals you will see are amazing. Snorkeling in the safe and calm waters enables you to experience the magic and beauty of the colourful underwater life. Lady Musgrave Island offers some of the best snorkeling in Queensland.

The clear blue water is filled with over 1200 varieties of brilliantly coloured marine fish and over 200 species of both hard and soft corals.   The lagoon of Lady Musgrave Island is unique to the Great Barrier Reef. It is formed by a huge - 8 nautical miles circle of coral wall which protects the inner lagoon.

Our fast catamaran, the MV Spirit of 1770, enters the calm waters of the lagoon through a channel in the reef wall and moors in clear shallow waters only 200 metres from Lady Musgrave Island. In this protected haven people of all age groups can explore the wonders of a living reef ecosystem - all in one great day!

Lady Musgrave Cruises offers a large and safe location which is the envy of other operators. It is located in front of the pontoon in about 4-6 mts of water with some fantastic corals growing below you.  A large coral bommie which reaches up to the water line is hive to a myriad of different species.

Snorkel Bombie with Lady Musgrave Is
in the background

Viewing through our Underwater Observatory.

Diving Photos

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